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Vintage clothing shops mushroom in Tel Aviv

Photo by Viva Sarah Press Zentner — who has one of the city’s best collections of well-presented secondhand clothing – has been selling pre-loved clothes and apparel since 1982, way before it was hip. “Back then, I had to explain that secondhand clothing won’t kill you. You won’t die from it,” she says with a chuckle, noting that her clothes are high quality and clean. “Today everyone buys secondhand and vintage.” Vintage technically describes clothing between 20 to 100 years old, though some distinguish between “antique clothing” (80 years or older) and “vintage” (at least 20 years old). Zentner says vintage “can be something from the 1960s or 1970s if it’s a good label, like Chanel.” She remembers when only one other place on Dizengoff Street sold pre-owned clothing. She’s thrilled that Tel Aviv’s vintage and secondhand shopping is blossoming today. “Competition for this kind of business is excellent. Why? Because every shop has different things. You never know what you’re going to find.

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We need to put a halt to it straight away.” The expert’s comment come after a government obesity adviser said shops are “fooling” buyers into believing they are thinner than they actually are. Dame Carol Black also said that being overweight” has become “the new normal” and political correctness forced health staff to keep silent rather than address the problem. The government obesity adviser made her controversial comments during the Hay Festival on Monday. “I have lived through that and now we seem to think that that’s ok,” Black said as she discussed her own problems with being an obese child. “You think you are a size 10, the shops are really fooling you. The new normal is very scary.” She urged people to consider obesity as socially unacceptable as smoking and urged the government to regulate sugary foods. Weight loss expert Miller said if the government adviser’s remarks are true, there’s an “ethical responsibility” to ensure obesity crisis is tackled. “If this is happening, it’s encouraging people to be delusional and actually there’s an ethical responsibility here. It’s clearly irresponsible and the danger is the medical issues that obesity brings like type 2 diabetes, stroke.

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One European diplomat in London said the political upheaval was such that it was difficult to know what to write back to his capital, pouring scorn on May's campaign slogan of 'strong and stable leadership'. "What can you say of meaning about such chaos?" the diplomat asked. "I suppose it isn't quite a strong and stable Brexit yet." Leaving the European Union was once far-fetched: only 15 years ago, British leaders were arguing about when to join the euro, and talk of an EU exit was the reserve of a motley crew of skeptics on the fringes of both major parties. But the turmoil of the euro zone crisis, fears in Britain about immigration and a series of miscalculations by former Prime Minister David Cameron prompted Britain to vote by 52 to 48 percent for Brexit in a June 23 referendum last year. Leaving the EU - the biggest blow since World War Two to European efforts at forging unity - is now the official consensus of both the Conservatives and the opposition Labour Party. Amid such upheaval, though, there is little agreement on what kind of Brexit May should try for - even assuming she can hold onto her job. "The United Kingdom's political tectonic plates are moving at the very moment when we are negotiating Brexit," said Anand Menon, professor of politics at King's College London. Before the election, May proposed a clean break from the EU: leaving its single market, which enshrines free movement of people, goods, services and capital, and proposing limits on immigration and a bespoke customs deal with the EU. Opponents describe that as a "hard Brexit". They argue instead for a "soft" version, prioritizing some form of continued access to the single market in order to minimize economic damage.